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Western Red Cedar

  • Clear Grain Western Red Cedar Materials
  • Sanded Finish
  • Routed edges
  • Zinc plated hardware
  • Handcrafted for snug-fitting joinery
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Fully Illustrated instructions
  • Built to last
  • Refer to the DS_Datasheet for full inventory, dimensions, pricing and image file.

Cedar Rocking Chair

RC22U - Athena Rocker Chair

Athena Tete de Tete

TT44U - Tete de Tete

Athena Adirondack Chair

AT22U - Athena Adirondack Chair

Easybac Set

AEO21U - Easybac Set

Easybac Chair

AE21U - Easybac Chair

Adirondack Chair

AA21U - Adult Adirondack Chair

Cedar Ottoman

AO21U - Adirondack Ottoman

Child Adirondack Chair

CA14U - Child Adirondack Chair

Cedar Footstool

CF18U - Cedar Footstool

Cedar Table

ST22 Side Table

Tripod Table

TP22 - Cedar Tripod TAble

Cedar Magazine Table

ST24 - Magazine Table

Garden Bench

GB48U - Garden Bench

Potting Bench

PB48U - Potting Bench

Cedar Glider

CG45U - Cedar Glider

Fireside Quarter Round Backless Bench

QR60U - Quarter Round Bench

Wishing Well

WW45U/WW60U - Wishing Wells

Potting Table

PT35U - Potting Table

Porch Swing

PS48U - Cedar Porch Swing

Pergola Swing

PS50U - Pergola Swing

Swing A-Frame

AF72U - Swing A-Frame

Cedar Arbor

TA90 Trellis Arbor

Cedar Trellis

PA86 - Pagoda Arbor

Pergola Arbor

PO72 - Pergola Arbor
(swing optional)

Love Seat

LS48U - Love Seat

Arm Chair

AC22U - Cedar Arm Chair

Garden Arbor

GA87U - Garden Arbor
(bench optional)

12 ft. Foot Bridge

FB144U - 12 ft. Foot Bridge
(rails optional)

 6 ft. Garden Bridge

FB72U - Garden Foot Bridge (6 ft.)
(rails optional)

Foot Bridge

FB36U - Cedar Foot Bridge
(rails optional)

Oval Picnic Table Set

OT70U - Oval Picnic Table Set

5pc. Market Table

MT70U-5 5pc. Market Table Set

Round Picnic Set

RT45U - Round Patio Table Set

3pc. Market Table

MT70U-3 3pc. Market Table Set

70in. Market Side Bench

MB70U - Market Side Bench

30 in. Market Bench

MB30U - Market End Bench

Backless Bench

BB45U - Backless Bench (4 ft.)

Backless Bench

BB70U - Backless Bench (6 ft.)

Patio Bench

RB30U - Patio Bench


PL20-Set - 20" Planter Box/w Trellis

3pc.Planter set/w Trellis

PL10-Set - 3pc. Planter Set/w Trellis

30 Planter Box/w trellis panel

30" Planter Box/w trellis panel

Engraving Gift Pack

CP512 Laser Engraved Gift Pack

3pc.Planter/w Bench set

PL20-2B 3pc. Planter/w Bench Set

3Pc. Planter/w Benches

PL20-3B 5pc. Planter Bench Set

QR60-4 Circle Bench Set

QR60-4 Cedar Circle Bench Set

5pc. Cedar Planter Set

PL102030U - 5pc. Cedar Planter Set

 swing hardware

SH30 Swing Hardware Pack

Planter Box

PL30U - 10 inch Window Box

Cedar Planter Box

PL20U - 20 inch Planter Box

Planter Box

PL30U - 30 inch Window Box

Cedar Trellis Panel

TS33 Cedar Trellis Panel

 Trellis Screen Set (includes 2 single panels + 2 brass hinges)

TS33-2 Cedar Screen Set

Cedar Trellis

CT60U - Cedar Trellis


BH08U - Cedar Birdhouse


BH09U - Cedar Birdhouse


BH05U - Cedar Wrenhouse


BH12U - Blujay Birdhouse

Adriondack Cushion

CC21 - Adirondack Cushion

Adirondack Cushion Set

CC21 Set - Adirondck Cushion Set

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